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Escapes & Retreats for Women: Yoga, Creative, Culinary, Cellar Door….

.... a collection of our favourite Hosted Escapes & Retreats 

We are delighted to start unveiling our Escapes, Creative Retreats & Culinary Journeys. Each of these mini-journeys are designed to focus on wellbeing & rejuvenation, culinary heritage and traditional /local arts & crafts. They have been created to develop and stretch your creative, wellness and cultural imaginations. You will be introduced to, and participate in, hands-on learning enriched by demonstrations, practical experience and presentations.

Try your hand at Yoga, Meditation, weaving, dyeing, batik, printing, pottery / ceramics, photography, cooking, wine tasting – the list will go on!

The trips are open to everyone: budding artists and weavers, creatives, people who dabble in yoga and those of you who simply want to sign up for the adventure. And to travel with people who share a common interest in learning and culture. These Escapes & Retreats are a fantastic opportunity to join a group of interesting and likeminded women.  You really will be exploring a destination in a unique way.

NOTE: On these journeys, we are very aware of our impact on the community, on the environment and on nature. So we are always seeking small, and continuous, ways to bring benefit to those places and people we visit. These trips are designed to offer mutual benefit, and each trip will highlight exactly that. Local communities enjoy economic input and support for traditional artisan skills; and our lovely guests enjoy informative and authentic travel experiences to some of the most gorgeous and unique locations on our planet.


Yoga Escapes


Creative Retreats


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