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Mai Journeys is lucky to be able to work, and partner, with some of the best in the world.

Our partners are integral to the creation of our journeys and experiences. Without them, we would not have the local, on the ground knowledge, which provide you with that real insight into the destination you are exploring.

Their knowledge, wealth of experience and dedication to creating excellent travel experiences inspire us to travel differently. They strive to make you discover places away from the normal tracks and roads of a country or continent, and as far as possible, away from the flurries of mass tourism. They know places and people in areas you would never have imagined journeying to.

They are experts in their fields, and their penchant for quality have earned them great respect and admiration. Each one possesses the passion to stir your imagination and kindle the “explorer” flame within you.

Through our years in the industry, we have met some of the most inspiring operators out there, and we have been incredibly privileged to be able to work with them knowing our guests are in the best possible hands. Among their colleagues, they are known as being among the best of the best, and working with such people as follows, inspires us and pushes us to create exciting and unique itineraries. 


PURE Life Experiences is the global marketplace for the high-end experiential travel industry. It is a community of like-minded mavericks who push boundaries to create life-enriching experiences. Together, these Operators form a movement that is transforming the sophisticated traveller. PURE Life Experiences is more than just a travel trade show. PURE honours the passion of the world’s most inspiring creators of life enriching experiences. Mai Journeys is proud to be a Member of PURE since 2014. 

provides the only global business exchange in the Southern Hemisphere, which meaningfully connects experiential and luxury travel products directly to their market within a unique, creative and inspirational setting. The only forum of its kind, Luxperience helps to identify and drive trends in the luxury and experiential travel sector, and in turn attracts highly sought after, difficult to reach clients. True to its name, it’s not just a trade show; it’s an immersive luxurious experience, driven by a highly experienced team, resulting in real business for it’s clients. Mai Journeys is honoured to be a Hosted Buyer for the first time in 2015.


Jemma Wilson, Travelling Divas, Sarah Hoyland (The Classic Safari Company), Rian Alexander, Wild Earth, Aqua Expeditions, Heritage Expeditions, MLP, Rutas, Ponant, Delfin Amazon Cruises, Metropolitan Touring, ABOUTAsia, Ultimate Travelling Camp