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We offer Escorted Tours, Safari’s and Get-Aways, but we also design personal journeys to suit you – your dream destination, your budget, your time line… So if you are after a Bespoke or Tailored Tour, then this is what you need to know..

Planning your trip is a collaborative process, progressing from our first conversation to your return home. What makes a perfect trip is different for everyone, which is why we tailor & design your itinerary specifically for you; and you will benefit from receiving practical advice and travel tips from our own personal experience.

We will not sugar coat the realities of certain destinations, we will not promise anything unattainable and we will not tell you something we do not know. Travel outside your normal day-to-day routine can sometimes be confronting, challenging and frustrating; we are here to provide you with the best possible advice – and insight – to ensure your choice is one that provides the best travel experience for you. We will share our personal experiences and provide you with invaluable insider’s tips. 

While you are traveling, we are completely available to you at all times – we are just a call or email away – ensuring every moment is as you expect. When you return home, we love to catch up with you and get your feedback. This always helps us design the next adventure for you!

STEP 1: You Get Inspired & You Contact Us.
Browse our website and contact us. Think big. Where do you want to go? Where is calling you? What do you want to see and do? Pick up the phone or drop us an email and let us know where you’re at and what you’re looking for. We will work with you to explore all the options and start making that dream journey a reality.  

 STEP 2: We Chat & Consult
Our initial discussion will determine the sort of travel experience you want, where and when you’d like to travel, and your ideal budget range. Based on this, we lay the groundwork with preliminary ideas and suggestions. We will discuss the kinds of accommodation that would suit and give advice on the actual flow of the trip – which includes how many nights to ideally spend in each stop. We can also discuss the types of activities you can do when you get to where you are going. 

STEP 3 – You Add + We Tweek
After you have received and looked over the proposed itinerary, we talk it through together. We tweak, adjust, add, delete… whatever it takes until you are happy. Our aim is to produce an initial itinerary with an approximate trip price. 

STEP 4 – You Green Light & We Finish the Unfinished.
You give us the go ahead to proceed with finalizing the design of your trip. We put our experience to work, we draw on our network of global partners and we create the final itinerary, personalized for you. We start making reservations and confirming arrangements. We will collect a non-refundable deposit at this point (of between $500 – $1500 depending on the itinerary) which will be applied towards your trip. We will then also confirm actual cost. 

STEP 5 – Filling in The Blanks & Finishing Touches
We share some of our favourite things to do, places to eat and places to see. We can build in extra tailored excursions, extensions and propose other experiences to make your trip memorable. If you choose to do more or less than what we discussed at the preliminary design stage, there may be changes to the overall trip price.  

STEP 6 – The Finished Trip
We re-confirm arrangements and email you your confirmed itinerary. We collect full payment anywhere between 90 – 60 days prior to the start of your trip (for last minute trips, full payment will be payable). Two weeks prior to your departure, you receive your Travel Documents which includes all the ‘need-to-know’ bits, contact addresses and phone numbers at your destination, and necessary Vouchers. We will give you useful and practical information on your country of destination (vaccines, currency, weather etc)..
This information is sent to you via email unless specifically requested to do so otherwise. 

STEP 7 – Bon Voyage……
You become a jetsetter, an adventurous wanderer….Whilst you are traveling, in the case of unexpected modifications to your itinerary, we will offer a solution in the shortest possible time. 

We offer a range of Travel needs for those in New Zealand & Australia:

*Insurance Part of your travel experience with us is heading into the unknown; so you need to be prepared. Travel Insurance is an expense no one wants to pay for and is something no one hope’s they will need. But it is an essential part of everyone’s trip. Travel Insurance covers you from the moment you purchase the policy, until the time you arrive back home. You will be covered for unexpected events beyond your control – including lost bags, medical costs, travel delays and more. Mai Journeys can provide options for travel insurance. Contact us for more information.

*Flight advice & flight bookings –  Contacts with agents means we can provide information on prices for flights. Some of our destinations are quite tricky to get to, but we have colleagues on hand to advise the best options and airlines. Our clients appreciate the assistance of our seasoned flight expert, Megan Keatley, who knows the airlines, the seats, the details – all of which can make a crucial difference to the experience you have in-flight. *We charge a service fee of NZD$50.00 per airline ticket.. 

*Visa and Passport advice – We can offer advice on Visas to just about anywhere in the world.

*Pre and Post Tour Accommodation When booking your trip, we can organise pre and post tour accommodation if you are planning on extending your trip, or if you will be arriving to your destination early.

All of our documents (Tour Itineraries, Travel Vouchers, Invoices etc) are sent via email. We do not send any paper work via mail unless we are specifically asked to do so. Our office tries to minimise any negative impact on the environment in any way we can.

Our office offsets carbon emissions with schemes here in New Zealand. We also maintain minimum waste policies and we recycle just about everything we can. We are not perfect of course – but our goal is to always narrow the gap between principle and practice.