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Because travel is our passion. Our absolute priority is to make certain that you have an unforgettable journey. 


Because we are a niche operator. We only take on a small number of clients on each of our Hosted Tours (10 – 12 Guests). Because of this, we get to know you: your interests, needs and passions very well. 


Because we work with some of the best partners and operators around the world. This allows us to create incredible experiences that are unique and rarely offered elsewhere. We work with, partner with, and collaborate with, people who will help make sure your journey truly is the ultimate travel experience you are after.


Because we have also been on quite a journey. We have worked in the travel industry most of our adult lives. We have been professional guides, worked in Operations, designed itineraries, are Owner / Operators and still delight in Hosting the occasional tour. We have collectively worked in the industry for over 40 years.


Because we are committed to providing you with an unforgettable and inspiring journey. We are also committed to ensuring your happiness and comfort throughout. From the moment you make contact with us, to after you return home, we will do everything to ensure your journey is without hiccups, authentic and beyond what you had imagined or expected.


Because expert knowledge and regional on-the-ground guides are what we are about. With the knowledge – and security – of a local guide, you are given the chance to not only explore all the ‘must-see’ sites, but also all those gems that are off the tourist trail so you can see them through the eyes of local people. That is authentic, that is inspiring and that is unique. 


Because we believe that our guests are looking to challenge themselves through unique, immersive and (sometimes) intrepid travel experiences. 


Because during circumstances beyond our control, we’ll be there with you. We will be there offering advice and making alternative plans on your behalf.


Because, unapologetically, our standards are high.



Because we offer amazing inspirational, immersive and experiential travel for women of all ages.