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Latin America

Latin America for Women:
Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina
The Amazon, The Galapagos  
Mexico, Cuba 

… a collection of our favourite Hosted Tours, Bespoke Experiences, Food Safari’s, Inspired Treks in South America & Central America.

South America has very diverse populations with many ethnic groups and different ancestries. It includes twelve sovereign states – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela – and two non-sovereign areas – French Guiana, an overseas department of France, and the Falkland Islands, a British Overseas Territory. Most of the population lives near the western or eastern coasts of the continent while the interior and the far south are sparsely populated. South America is culturally, ethnically and racially diverse. Cultures mix from the Indigenous peoples of the Americas as well as immigrants from Europe, Africa and Asia. With a long history of colonialism, most South Americans speak Portuguese or Spanish, and societies commonly reflect Western traditions.

Mexico and Central America – a band of countries connecting two much larger continents. Think enveloping rainforests teeming with wildlife; cloud-shrouded volcanoes; charming colonial towns; mysterious Mayan ruins; and incredibly stunning white-sand beaches. Mexico is a cultural giant of the Americas. A diverse country, with history that stretches thousands of years. Cuba – with its vibrant rhythms, and rich heritage of literature and dance –is a uniquely beautiful and captivating land.

South America

Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands, Peru, Argentina, Chile