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Traveling in Iran is not only possible, but also extremely welcoming. Iran is quite simply an amazing gem, yet it can induce such unnecessary fear in so many people. But even the most widely travelled and open-minded visitor will have preconceived views shattered and will find a country that truly is incredible. You will meet some of the most welcoming and hospitable people in the world; open-minded people who will be delighted to help you and share some tea. 

Iran is an enigmatic land oozing with the history of the ancient trade routes. Full of tradition, it contains a bewildering array of world-class sights – a lasting testament to a tumultuous history that has left an indelible mark. It is truly a must see for the culturally inquisitive. 

Persian Delights

15 DAYS - TBC 2020
PERSIAN DELIGHTS; IRAN FOR WOMEN   On this fabulous journey we travel the lost land of Ancient Persia and learn about its' rich cultural history and its' modern heart. Iran is also all about magnificent tea houses, ancient bazaars,...