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Japan is blessed with the natural beauty and traditional culture that lends a rich sense of history to a thoroughly modern country. There is nowhere in the world quite like Japan where past and future civilization coexists in remarkable peaceful harmony. You can still see elegant women in meticulous kimonos navigating crosswalks, kabuki opera performances and sushi masters using techniques from the 17th-century Edo Period.

Think of iconic Mount Fuji; sophisticated Tokyo; Kyoto temples fringed by cherry blossoms; Buddhist monks collecting their morning alms; exquisite cuisine; bullet trains and geisha in kimono.

Cherry Blossoms Japan

15 DAYS - MARCH 2020
CHERRY BLOSSOMS JAPAN    Japan in Spring is a wonderland. It is a land of vast cultural diversity with ultra-modern cities, Buddhist mountain sanctuaries, hidden hot springs and cultural arts. It will mesmerise you with its culture, age-old...

Kumano Kodo Ancient Trail

9 DAYS - APRIL 2020
Tour Style: Escorted Walk
KUMANO KODO TRAIL The Kumano Kodo, or Kumano Ancient Trail, is a pilgrimage route to Kumano, part of the mountainous Kii Peninsula which stretches south from the Kansai cities of Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. It is a pilgrimage route with UNESCO...