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The Amazon Jungle

The Amazon - Ecuador

The Amazon in Ecuador is hot, humid and wet all year. It is particularly wet from April through September. Different schools of thought believe the best time to visit the Amazon in Ecuador is between December and February or June, July and August when animal life thrives. The average annual temperatures range from 26 to 35 odd degrees with regular rainfall throughout the year; but the rains have a cool and refreshing effect so any time of year can be a great time to go. October to March is usually drier but random downfalls can occur at any time. 

Generally, you can expect to have hot and rainy weather regardless of when you are going.

The Amazon - Peru

Conditions along the Amazon River in Peru divide into two seasons: a high water season from December through May and a low water season that lasts from June until November. Either season promises rich rewards with breathtaking opportunities to view and photograph magnificent plant and animal life. The Amazon basin is as lush and green as it is because it gets an abundance of rain — 3.6 meters, or 12 feet, a year on average. In a typical year, the Amazon River rainforest experiences 200 rainy days, which means that there will be days of rain even in the low water season. However it rarely rains all day.

Peru’s rainy season runs from December through May, which is summer and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Low water season in Amazonia coincides with our winter in the Southern Hemisphere, from June to November.

The Amazon - Brazil

There is really no best time to visit the forest; it depends what you want to see. The wet season usually lasts from November to May. The best time to visit the Amazon is in July and August, but as you would expect in a rainforest, the Amazon is hot and humid all year round. Usually there are heavy rain showers in the late afternoon, mornings and early afternoons are mostly sunny. Temperatures hover around the mid- to high 30s Celsius . The wet season lasts from June to December and is often called “summer” by the locals as it is hot and sunny. The wet season typically runs from December to May and is referred to as “winter.” The humidity is higher in the rainy season, building up over the course of the day to produce a heavy downfall almost every afternoon. Even then, however, mornings and early afternoons can be clear and sunny.